The Prismatic Textiles and the Digital_Loom

The Prismatic Textile Project is a cycle of paintings based on a set of 7 continually evolving forms.


The Digital_Loom is an interactive multimedia experience building on ideas from the Prismatic Textile Project. It allows the user to mix and match layers of media to explore the connections between shape, color, pattern, rhythm, and harmony.


Shown below is an overview of both projects. Watch with sound (click the music note icon in the bottom corner) Various collectible versions of the Digital_Loom are available with unique 'Cloaks' offering variations on the appearance of the interface. 

The Prismatic Textiles Project

The Prismatic Textiles are a series of paintings which follow a cycle of formal compositional structures. There are 7 compositional structures, referred to as 'Prismatic Textile Forms' which are created in a set order of cyclical paintings.


The forms consist of:

1. The Seedbank

2. The Language Sandbox

3. Triangulation

4. Pyramid

5. Bridges and Tunnels

6. Drawing at the Well 

7. The Shadow of a Reflection

Prismatic Textile no. 1: The Seedbank

Prismatic Textile no. 2:

The Language Sandbox

Prismatic Textile no. 3: Triangulation

Prismatic Textile no. 4: Pyramid

Prismatic Textile no. 5:

Bridges and Tunnels

Prismatic Textile no. 6:

Drawing at the Well

Prismatic Textile no. 7:

The Shadow of a Reflection

Shape Matrix no. 1: The Seedbank

Shape Matrices

Shape Matrices are one of the media layer types used in the Digital_Loom. They are created based on structures, patterns, and color schemes found within the Prismatic Textile forms. Each Shape Matrix is derived from the Prismatic Textile Form of the same name. 

Shape Matrix no. 2:

The Language Sandbox

Shape Matrix no. 3:


Shape Matrix no. 4: Pyramid

Shape Matrix no. 5: Bridges and Tunnels

Shape Matrix no. 6:

Drawing at the Well

Shape Matrix no. 7:

The Shadow of a Reflection

Collectible Loom_Cloaks


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